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“ROB ROCKS! APPLE-TASTIC DRIVING SCHOOL! If you want to learn to drive, you can't pick a better teacher than Rob. He's a friendly, patient and calm teacher, helping to keep any learner nerves at bay. Rob is always punctual and reliable, often giving a little extra time at the end of a lesson. Through structured lessons, constructive feedback and tailor made action plans he gives you the confidence and self-belief to drive in every condition and situation. Passionate about his craft, Rob's knowledge and experience is ever increasing as he continues to read the books, take the courses, make the videos and expand his infinite teaching methods. You can ask him anything about cars, his enthusiasm shines through as his answers go above and beyond the basics. To top it all, he also makes a mean lemon drizzle cake. I passed first time with Rob, that's got to be value for money...”

Ali Groves, Carrington, Nottingham

"Rob is an exceptional driving instructor. I was really nervous about learning to drive because I struggle with anxiety and focus problems, but Rob could not have been better equipped to teach me. His extensive experience dealing with all kinds of different people, which he backs up with constant self-education on the many conditions affecting his pupils, means he was able to provide all the support I needed and some. He always checked to make sure the course was moving at a pace I was comfortable with, and created an environment where I never felt embarrassed about the difficulties my anxiety caused during lessons. I felt I could tell him exactly how I was feeling at all times knowing that he would respond calmly and kindly. I could not recommend Rob more highly."

Joseph Doherty-Bailey, Long Eaton, Nottingham

"To say that Rob is a brilliant instructor would be a vast understatement. I started my driving lessons with Rob last year and I was incredibly apprehensive; I have mild cerebral palsy to my left side which has rendered driving somewhat difficult and combined with a negative experience of learning to drive with a different instructor two years previously I felt that driving was an unattainable prospect for me. Rob was incredibly patient and reassuring and gave me the confidence to believe that I could succeed and finally pass my test after seven years of believing that I just wasn't capable of driving. I passed my driving test a couple of weeks ago and I believe that this wouldn't have been possible without Rob's enthusiasm, guidance and support. I truly cannot express just how grateful I am for Rob's support with my lessons over the past few months and for giving me the confidence I needed to finally pass my driving test. I can't recommend Rob enough!"

Claire Humphries, Stapleford, Nottingham

"I went to Rob after a few failed attempts at learning to drive elsewhere had made me so anxious that I hated the even the thought of getting behind the wheel but less than a year onwards I've not only passed my test but I genuinely enjoy driving and find it relaxing! I couldn't have done this without Rob, he is such a patient instructor and so thorough in his teaching. The lessons were so well planned out and really prepared me for driving in the real world not just the test so I can now feel confident when driving independently! I would really recommend learning to drive with Rob to anyone!"

Charlotte Katherine, Beeston, Nottingham

"I started to learn to drive 2 years ago, I initially did not have much luck in finding a driving instructor that would give me the time and patience that I needed. I came across Rob on an internet search and decided to go with him because of his amazing reviews. I started driving with Rob last April and knew immediately that I had made the right choice. Rob is so kind and patient and my confidence with driving soon began to grow! Rob took the time to research my condition so that he could tailor my driving lessons specifically to me. Choosing Rob as a driving instructor was the best decision I have ever made. Rob gave me the skills and confidence I needed to pass my test first time and give myself the independence that I needed."

Sophie Hahn, Beeston, Nottingham

"After many years of driving lessons and struggling to get the hang of it due to Dyspraxia and low confidence behind the wheel. Rob was a breath of fresh air always very patient and has different approaches to learning to drive which has made me actually feel confident and enjoy driving and today I finally passed! During the driving course I also got to do a city centre driving lesson and a motorway drive which improved my driving even more and gave me more confidence for any driving experiences ahead. Thank you so much Rob!!"

Alys Lewis, Toton, Nottingham

"I started my journey with Rob after many years of holding a provisional driving licence and several attempts at learning to drive. I tried out manual and automatic lessons, always giving up and feeling it was beyond my reach. I suffer with anxiety and have spent hours behind the wheel totally overwhelmed. I honestly think this experience would have ended the same way if it was not for Rob at Apple Driving. His calm approach has been so helpful when I have been struggling and his ever positive attitude has given me the confidence to push through when I felt like giving up my pursuit of driving. I cannot recommend Rob enough. He has got 2 people in my household on the road!"

Liz Proffitt, Long Eaton, Nottingham

"Rob is such a fantastic driving instructor and the course he has developed is excellent. It is not just about learning to pass your test but learning to drive for life. Furthermore, Rob will respond to your own needs and requirements and really support you. He will also help with preparation for the theory test and his support continues after the driving test. I highly recommend Rob and the Apple Driving School to everyone. I passed my test today and I have really enjoyed my lessons. Thank you so much Rob!"

Clare Pickersgill, Bramcote, Nottingham

"Best driving instructor in the area hands down. Passed my driving test because of him. Rob really puts dedication and effort into his pupils and this is why he is one of the most popular instructors out there. Thank you rob."

James Aikin, Bramcote, Nottingham

"I first started learning to drive when I was 17 and absolutely hated it! Inevitably, I failed my first driving test and decided driving was just something I would never be able to do. However as time went on I realised not being able to drive was holding me back, and I had a look for an instructor. Rob’s Apple Driving School stood out immediately, with very positive reviews. I am always a little wary of the accuracy of online reviews, but I decided to contact him and was added to his waiting list (he’s a busy chap!). I thought about trying another instructor who was available sooner, but decided the waiting list was a good sign and waited to start my lessons with Rob. I am so pleased I did. Rob is perfectly suited to teaching in a way very few people are. He is an extremely patient person who focuses on the positives to instil confidence while acknowledging the areas that require attention and structuring lessons around them. In a year I went from hating the thought of driving to genuinely believing I would be able to pass my test - and I did! I would not hesitate to recommend Rob to anyone, he’s a really lovely guy and deserves all the praise he’s received from both myself and his other pupils."

Sarah Flower, Radford, Nottingham

"Great driving instructor friendly and supportive helped a lot with the theory and preparing for the driving test. Thank you for all your help and support."

Katie Barnaby, Beeston, Nottingham

"Rob is an absolute gem! I learned to drive and passed my test several years ago and haven't driven for most of that time. My little sister learnt to drive with Rob and has raved about him since. She doesn't say nice things about many people so I knew he must be something special. He lived up to the hype! He was patient as a saint and really made me feel secure and competent. He uses a variety of techniques ranging from games, to acronyms, to props based on your learning style, and clearly sets out a personalised programme which makes it so easy to see your own progress. I only needed a couple of refresher lessons to get me up and running, and with several years of accrued anxiety to defeat, doing so in such a short time just shows what an excellent instructor he was. Cannot recommend him highly enough, my only regret is that it took me so long to book a lesson with him! thank you, Rob"

Alfie Harriet Cameron, Mapperley, Nottingham

"Rob has been an amazing instructor who is very friendly and understanding and always makes you feel comfortable. I could not see myself learning with anyone else it’s been a real pleasure to learn from him and I would definitely recommend Rob to anyone looking to take driving lessons."

Damon Wright, Stapleford, Nottingham

"Thank you so much for helping me  I couldn’t have done it without you!I am so grateful for your passion, dedication, and professionalism. You are kind and patience. At first I wasn’t good at all but you said we can do one step at time and you were honest saying this is going to take time but you will  get there. You keep helping me through all the journey and when I did well you would recognise it. You made my  journey to seem easier, because of dedication and  your passionate .You believed in me when I couldn’t. I managed to pass only because of your help, when l started lessons l wouldn’t think this day it will come or l will pass.lf you weren’t patient you would  told  me you can’t drive .You become an  instructor because you’re passionate about it. I would highly recommend Rob if you want to drive or build your confidence on your driving. All the reviews you are reading are true. He is nice, good listener and he works on your pace if you have your way to learn he will provide that or your suggestions he will take it into account.He gave me  a best driving experience l went to motor way, dual carriageway, city centre, country side and etc . I did best decision for taking him as my instructor. For me it’s bittersweet because I will miss the lessons. Thank you for your kindness, Goodness and  you are the first human being l saw who got loads of patience.

I wish you great things in your life ,and your family .

You are the best instructor (teacher)ever heard! You bring hope where it seems there’s no hope."

Samantha Chinyani, Bilborough, Nottingham

"Rob is a great driving instructor.  He is really patient, knowledgeable and understanding of the different needs of each student.  He teaches a syllabus which is very focused and thorough.  I was a nervous student who had been learning to drive for a long time but had always given up.  I genuinely felt like I was never going to drive or feel confident but Rob showed me I was a good driver and that I would pass...and I did! Thanks Rob!"

Sarah Clemson, Stapleford, Nottingham

"I recently passed my test first time all down to the brilliant teaching from rob, so patient, professional and a lovely person. I would fully recommend rob, I was very anxious when driving and thought it wasn’t for me but Rob’s course is very thorough and gave me confidence, I actually quite like driving now! Thanks so much Rob :)"

Mel Roe, Beeston, Nottingham

"Passed first time! A fantastic teacher, Rob is able to make you feel more and more confident as each lesson goes on. Would highly recommend, especially if you're feeling a little anxious to start driving. Thank you so much Rob   :)"

Sophie Terzza, Stapleford, Nottingham

“Rob is an excellent guide to all things driving. Formal, informal, informative as well as personable Rob made learning to drive a pleasure and was supportive up until the very end. I cannot recommend Rob highly enough to anyone willing to engage and wanting to drive/learn to an excellent standard. Rob is the very best.”

Jason Allsep, Aspley, Nottingham

"I could not recommend Rob enough, whether it’s your first time driving or if you need refresher lessons. They were always patient, calm and supportive the entire time. Well planned lessons and routes, and you really get value for your money. I’ve had multiple driving instructor but Rob is the best I’ve ever had and I promise you will not regret choosing them."

Adam Forsey, Beeston, Nottingham

"Throughout the process of learning to drive, Rob always placed emphasis on learning to be a good, safe and confident driver rather than just knowing how to pass a test. This has made the transition from driving with an instructor in the car to driving alone one that I didn't have to fear. Rob has a very well structured way of teaching which was always clear and broke individual skills down into manageable parts that weren't overwhelming. His calm and friendly approach also made me feel comfortable whilst going through the highs and the lows of the process of learning to driving. Rob is also extremely good at finding different methods of teaching which will ensured that lessons suite you're individual learning style. As a result of learning to drive with Rob I now feel as though driving is something I can enjoy and don't have to shy away from. I no longer have to rely on others as much and have become more independent. Thank-you Rob"

Sophie Crew, Stapleford, Nottingham

"I passed my test 7 years ago and had hardly driven since. I felt like I needed refresher lessons and my Mum (who was having lessons herself) recommended Rob. I'm really glad I took her advice as after a day of intensive driving I feel confident enough to start driving on my own again. In summary I would recommend Rob to anyone who is looking to their regain their confidence or looking for an instructor to get them through their driving test. Thanks. :-)."

James Cook, Stapleford, Nottingham

"I was nervous about the whole process of driving as I was a beginner. Rob taught me right from scratch and I instantly felt comfortable and confident in each of my lessons with him. I noticed he was passionate about teaching others which I also really liked. I would highly recommend Rob especially if your nervous about starting your lessons. Overwhelmingly happy with my driving experience and was lucky enough to pass first time. Thank you Rob!! :) very much appreciated."

Paige Riley, Strelley, Nottingham

"Rob has been absolutely fantastic these past couple of months!… Almost for too many reasons for me to list!

He was always very understand if I needed to be dropped off on campus, and was very willing to put in some extra time when I felt like I needed more lessons coming up to my test.

He was very encouraging and always friendly.

Robs organisation is very impressive and detailed lesson plans were always drawn up prior to the lesson so we could start driving pretty much straight away with further action points for the next lesson developed at the end together.

Could not recommend enough!"

Bethan Grant, Lenton, Nottingham

"Rob gave me the support and confidence to pass first time. Very patient driving instructor, would highly recommend."

Louise Conner, Stapleford, Nottingham

"I have been learning to drive on and off for 20 years. I have experienced good and bad driving instructors. When I met Rob for the first time I knew he was different in his teaching methods and his relaxed demeanour and friendly nature. He his a brilliant instructor and I don't think I could have done this without him. Learning to drive and passing my test will open up so much for me and my young family. Thanks again Rob :) I will recommend you for years to come :) :) :)"

Louise Lolley, Arnold, Nottingham

"I don't think I would have passed my test without Rob's help and careful guidance- cannot recommend highly enough, he has the patience of a saint!"

Olivia Clarke, Lenton, Nottingham

"Rob has been one of the best instructors that I have worked with. He is very patient and flexible. He took great interest in understanding the obstacles that I face and recommended very helpful coping strategies (such as commentary driving). He is decent, professional, easygoing and laidback as well, which makes every lesson with him a great pleasure. I highly recommend this driving instructor."

Michelle Miao, Beeston, Nottingham

"When I got driving lessons for my birthday, I wasn’t thrilled. There was a reason why I hadn’t got them for my 18th, I had no intention of driving and never really wanted to at all. Despite my inability to drive at all and my unwillingness to want to learn, I thought that driving would be boring and not really something I was going to be into. However, when I started to drive with Rob, he explained everything so well and in a calm and reassuring manner, putting the simplest tasks into creative ways so I could succeed in the best way possible. Before and after every lesson we would draw up an action plan and action points that I would aim to accomplish in the lesson, pushing me in a positive way to increase my driving awareness. Slowly as I got better the tasks got progressively more difficult and pushed me even more to succeed, but I knew no matter what I was in safe hands if I went wrong. Of course, every beginner is going to get stressed and agitated, but it’s important to have an instructor that will keep you calm and calm you down when it gets tough, and I can’t speak highly enough about Rob for that. He would consistently help me out in high pressure situations, assuring me everything is okay and calming me down when I most needed it. As I approached my test I had university, and Rob was always very understanding throughout this, he fitted lessons which suited me and was always willing to change round his schedule to try and fit me in somewhere. He was a fantastic teacher from the very start, going over and above what I had expected from him going into driving. I would highly recommend Rob to anyone, not only down to the fact that he is an incredible teacher and would go over and above what he is expected to do for any student, but because any beginner would find it comfortable and easy to drive with his guidance."

Jackson Stoddart, Kimberley, Nottingham

"Before Rob, I had been with two driving instructors which did not go very well, plus I hated driving manually. I had no confidence and absolutely hated the thought of having a lesson when i woke up in the morning. then i came across Rob and knew instantly that I was going to make progress with him. He is so friendly, encouraging and increased my confidence no end! His relaxed and helpful style of teaching made it so that I passed first time with driving with him for 4 months, with the added pressure of a job prospect if I passed my test on top of that! He teaches you how to drive, not to pass your test, which is a great teaching quality to have. He also had time for me outside of lessons, sending me various videos and homework to advance my progress even further. He is so enthusiastic about his work, which made me enthusiastic about driving. I honestly believe I could not have passed without him, so Rob - thank you :)"

Rowena Groom, Hyson Green, Nottingham

"When I first began my lessons with Rob I was lacking with confidence and extremely nervous about driving and wasn't even sure it was something I wanted to pursue. However a year later I am overly confident with driving. I passed second time with a mere 2 driving faults! This positive new attitude is all down to Rob! He is patient and devises a plan that teaches you every aspect of driving above and beyond! I could not thank him enough and will recommend to eveyone I meet."

Melissa Dawe, Arnold, Nottingham

“I approached Apple Driving School because although I'd been driving for a good few years, I avoided going to new places, big islands, motorways and city centre driving where ever possible. I found this really frustrating and I was slightly embarrassed at my reluctance to venture in to these new territories. It was very important to me to find the right instructor, with the right attitude and I have to say that I really hit the jackpot with Rob. He is very understanding, supportive, proactive and empowering. I instantly felt at ease, my nerves would soon subside and I always enjoyed the lessons. I faced all of my fears, in not one but 2 different cars to the one I am used to driving in my day to day life, as Rob changed cars part way through my course. This was a great opportunity for me to prove to myself that I am a very capable driver, as Rob really restored my faith by acknowledging my strengths and helped me to address any areas for improvement. My partner is now switching to Rob for his driving lessons as I have raved about him so much. He's a fantastic instructor and a true professional, if you're thinking of having lessons and are considering Rob you will not be disappointed.”

Carolyn Hall, Old Basford, Nottingham

“Rob is an excellent Driving Instructor; he's always been patient and calm and professional. Having taken a few lessons when I was 18 and then not having driven for over 20 years I was very nervous about starting up again but Rob made me feel comfortable straight away. He's been very supportive and I've now just passed my test. I would recommend him 100%.”

Jenny Zacharia, Carlton, Nottingham

“When I first started my driving lessons with Rob I had no driving experience whatsoever and was quite apprehensive about learning to drive. I knew straight away that Rob was the instructor for me as his relaxed and friendly manner really put me at ease and I soon started to enjoy my lessons. Rob also explains things very clearly and his lessons are well thought out and tailored to suit specific needs. One of the great things about Rob's course is that he doesn't just teach you how to pass your test but how to become a safe and competent driver, he makes sure you have a well rounded driving experience and teaches you the little extras, such as driving in the city centre and night time driving, which aren't essential to pass the test but are invaluable to a new driver. Rob is easy to get along with and is very calm, patient and reliable, all qualities which make him an excellent driving instructor and I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Ceri Rose, Stapleford, Nottingham

"Words cannot begin to describe what an excellent driving school and instructor Rob Cooling is. In my view, simply the best instructor in Nottingham. I have tried my fair share of instructors and for me, what sets Rob apart is the amount of time he invests in his students and developing their driving confidence. He is incredibly empathetic and willing to teach each and every student at their own pace. In turn, making sure that as the learner moves through his driving course the learner develops comprehensive understanding of all elements and scenarios they may face on the road and how to deal with them in a safe and legal manner. If anyone is thinking of learning to drive, you’d be hard pressed to find a better driving instructor than Rob!"

Matt Quantick, Wollaton, Nottingham

“I asked Rob to teach me to drive because of the fantastic reviews on his website and his success rate with nervous drivers. I started my driving lessons back at the end of April 2014 and passed my test in November 2014. Rob is an incredibly patient, friendly instructor and very thorough in his approach. In my first lesson he showed me the syllabus he had developed and each lesson we planned what we would be doing in the following lesson. The syllabus meant I had a clear idea of my progress and this allowed my confidence to grow with every lesson. Rob was really supportive and understanding all through my lessons and when I didn't pass my first driving test he encouraged me to get back on the roads as soon as possible and a month later I got my driving licence My driving lessons with Rob were a really enjoyable experience and I look forward to learning with him again for Pass Plus when I get my first car.”

Annie Irene, Canning Circus, Nottingham

“Rob Cooling provides a comprehensive learning programme that develops all aspects of driving not just the bare minimum to pass. He is very patient and flexible. As a pupil I felt really comfortable and confident during my lessons.”

Daniel Lee, Trowell, Nottingham

“I started learning to drive with Rob from Apple Driving school around the start of May and have just recently passed by driving test first time. Rob's lessons are constructed extremely well. He explains everything precisely and clearly. He is extremely patient and there is not another driving instructor out there who could make the lessons as enjoyable as they are. He got me thinking very in depth about situations that arose on the roads and how I could handle them better if they ever came about again. This style of thinking will be great for future improvement. Could not recommend him enough, and I look forward to taking my pass plus course with him in the near future.”

Sam Morris, Wollaton, Nottingham

“Apple Driving School was recommended to be by a friend and after taking the initial free introductory lesson I knew Robs style of teaching was for me. His enthusiasm is apparent right away and I think the care he takes over his work makes for a great learning experience. Before I decided I would learn to drive I had pretty much no prior knowledge or even interest in driving, so I really did appreciate the detail of the course syllabus and Robs patient approach to teaching. It was always clear what we were going to tackle next and why, and over time we were able to identify my weaker areas and get them up to the right level. Nerves did get the better of me during my 1st test (as is usually the case with me) but we worked out a clear plan of action and I passed 2nd time with just 2 driver faults! I also found it very easy to book regular lessons with Rob and I was able to fit them around my working week. I would recommend Apple Driving School to anybody, without hesitation!”

Dan Keeling, New Basford, Nottingham

“Rob is a excellent instructor. Would highly recommend to anyone (i started learning at 24). This for several reasons. He is friendly, patient and makes learning how to drive feel easy. Or rather the way he teaches you builds your confidence in your own growing ability. His course is structured brilliantly therefore it avoids becoming mundane, every lesson for me was enjoyable. It covered so many different areas I felt confident driving anywhere. Rob's knowledge of driving is seemingly endless along with his enthusiasm. He was also very flexible with times which was great for me. A Massive thanks to Rob and If you looking for a driving instructor in Nottingham, look no further.”

Joe Bates, City Centre, Nottingham

"He was very calm & patient, as any driving instructor should be. He was also helpful with teaching about driving & road safety. As he only teaches people with special needs, I never would’ve passed a driving test, or even learnt to drive, if it weren’t for him. Since I started, I became more confident with gaining my own sense of freedom & independence. I want to pass him on to someone else, as long as they don’t have any disabilities that might prevent them driving & if their family might approve."

Elliot Broadhurst, Sandiacre, Nottingham

“If you're looking for a driving instructor Rob Cooling is the one to go with. Such an amazing instructor, definitely recommend him to anybody. If you're nervous or just genuinely scared to get behind the wheel Rob is your guy, I was extremely nervous but after my first lesson I knew I'd be fine and couldn't wait to have another lesson!He is extremely patient, laid back, friendly, very easy to get along with and makes you feel at ease and very comfortable on every lesson. It's been a pleasure spending two hours a week with Rob and I always looked forward to each lesson. Rob had a syllabus that we worked through, I always knew what I was doing and where I was on my course. He made every lesson very enjoyable, sometimes using toy cars ,a frisbee, using apps on his phone and pretending to have hot drinks, which made my lessons more enjoyable. He also had very helpful techiques throughout all his teaching which gave me that extra boost and helped me with my confidence. He tought me easy methods with all my manoeuvres & ways to remember things I kept forgetting!

Always helping me to feel very at ease. He also gave me a web page to go onto to practice my theory test, which I could access on my mobile and practice whenever I had free time. This got me through my theory first time. He also provided videos to watch to help with my practical. All in all a super instructor and I will miss my lessons very much. My pass today has made me over the moon! I shall look forward to seeing you for my pass plus. Thankyou again Rob! :)”

Vicki Smalley, Bulwell, Nottingham

"I would like to say a big thank you to Rob, for all his hard work and support to ensure my son passed both his theory and driving test. Rob has gone above and beyond to make sure Ross was at ease with all aspects of driving. I would certainly recommend Rob to anyone who is wanting to learn to drive, he is very natural and has a very good understanding of his pupils."

Ross & Sonya Scarisbrick, Sandiacre, Nottingham

“I have only ever had the experience of learning with one driving instructor, but after learning with Rob I can honestly say that I can't imagine learning under any other instructor. I'm sure there are other great instructors out there and Rob always modestly reassured me that this was true whenever I tried to offer my praises, but I wouldn't trade my lessons with Rob for the chance to find out. Not in a million years. Rob is in the level of excellence that I think I can safely say that there are no "better" instructors out there, just ones that might be more right for you on a personal preference level. I hit the jackpot first time with Rob as he suits my learning style perfectly. His knowledge about his profession is rivalled only by his love for it, and this is immediately clear once you get talking to him about driving. A lot of thought and effort has gone into the planning of each lesson, and his curriculum is perfectly paced. I have always been very nervous about starting driving lessons. I couldn't even bring myself to book them for myself. My first lesson with Rob was booked on my behalf as a birthday present. Going in, I had no idea what to expect and was still very nervous about my ability, if I would get on with my instructor, and the responsibility of being in control of something as powerful and potentially dangerous as a car. I immediately felt more at ease when I answered my door to Rob's big, friendly grin. And all these fears were invalidated the moment I first sat behind the wheel with Rob sat in the passenger seat. He is always calm, relaxed, friendly and a completely reassuring presence to have at your side during such an intimidating time. From the start to the end of my time having lessons I always had the sense that if he was asking you to do something, you were completely capable of doing it. No matter how daunting it first seemed. This was probably related to Rob's uncanny ability to know exactly when he should ease you into something, and when he should put you in at the deep end. If you'd have told me before I'd started learning that I would be driving the whole way home right up to my door by the end of my second lesson, or that I would pass my driving test on the first time with only 2 minors, I would have never believed you. But then at that point I had no idea there were any instructors out there as capable as Rob!”

Adam Wilkins, Wollaton, Nottingham

“I would have no qualms in recommending Apple Driving School to anyone that wants to learn to drive.  At a personal level, Rob is reliable, friendly and enthusiastic which makes lessons enjoyable.  He seems to like and take pride in his job, which I think shows through in his lessons.  I don’t know how other instructors work, but at Apple Driving School there is a course laid out with each lesson having a different focus.  For me, this helped as it gave a purpose to the lesson, and without realising it, other aspects of driving were being built on at the same time.  These are flexible so if there is anything that you are worried about or need to work on, they can be added in.  In addition, Rob includes a lesson at night on country roads, and through a one way system of a city centre, which is a great introduction to difficult situations you may encounter once driving alone.  His videos on-line are great extras to clarify and reinforce things practiced in lessons.  Above all, he is a great teacher, so if something is not understood he has different ways of explaining it and understands that everyone learns differently.  I trusted Rob when he said I was ready to take my practical test, and he must be able to judge this well as I passed first time!”

Alex Hughes, Lenton, Nottingham

“I have been learning to drive with Rob for about 9 months, whilst studying away at University and just passed my driving test yesterday. I truly believe Rob was the perfect instructor for me as he was very calm, amazingly patient, encouraging and reassuring throughout my lessons. His flexibility was also important and helpful for me what with being at University and I was able to have lessons at a manageable pace. His friendly attitude made me feel at ease on the lessons, and his teaching style is very thorough meaning I felt confident and ready when it was time to take my test. My knowledge of the technical side of the car was completely awful but Rob definitely knows what he is talking about and you can see his passion and experience of driving when he speaks and through his clear explanations I am now a lot more knowledgable! I would highly recommend Rob as an instructor for anyone wanting to learn or improve their driving skills and the lessons were definitely worth every penny! Thanks so much Rob!”

Claire Sutherland, Wollaton, Nottingham

“Having previously had driving lessons with a different driving instructor, and having heard reviews of other driving instructors, I can confidently say that Rob is number one of all driving instructors! My last instructor put me off learning to drive for a few years, and it wasn't until I spoke to a friend of mine who passed her driving test with Rob as an instructor that I took an interest again (having heard fantastic reviews from her). Despite being very nervous about driving, Rob's calm manner helped build my confidence. He also clearly explained anything I was unclear about, and has a seemingly endless amount of patience with my many questions and frequent anxiety. When I took my driving test I passed first time, with only two minors, thanks to his helpful videos, instruction, and the mock tests that he prepared me with. Rob is very honest about the level of driving you are at (so won't con you into believing you'll pass in two lessons if you won't), and clearly describes where you are within his sylabbus (which clearly describes what you need to learn) and what needs to be done (and thus the estimated number of lessons). And if this doesn't convince you, then take a lesson with Rob and you are not keen on him as an instructor (which is highly unlikely), he does not pressure you into booking future lessons unless you are very happy. (Which you will be!).”

Jo Strachan, Lenton, Nottingham

“Highly recommended: Rob was extremely flexible in adapting his syllabus around my existing experience so I could learn in as little time as possible, at the same time making sure there was nothing we missed out. He is a very reassuring, friendly professional who is willing to really go the extra mile for his pupils and has endless reserves of patience! Rather than just getting me through the test, Rob gave me really thorough instructon and I came away feeling confident that I am a safe and competent driver. Can't thank you enough Rob, cheers!”

Gilly Farr, Basford, Nottingham

“Having previously taught my partner and his brother to drive I knew when I finally plucked up the courage to start my lessons, it would be with Rob. He is a genuinely lovely man, with a passion for teaching. His lesson plans are structured around you as an indiviual, recognising your strengths and working on your weaknesses to help build the skills and confidence you need as a driver, not just to pass your test. I couldn't recommend Rob enough, whether you are someone with a natural confidence in driving or someone who can't see themselves ever being behind the wheel, Rob's the man to teach you. Lessons were always fun...even when some of my driving was slightly questionable, Rob always picked my cofidence straight back up and always had a funny story or two to tell. Again, couldn't recomend enough!!!”

Lucy Walker, Hucknall, Nottingham

“When moved to Nottingham I wanted to start learning how to drive again after almost a year gap. I found Apple Driving School through a colleague and did some research on-line before contacting Rob- the instructor. From the first lesson I could see that I made a good decision. Rob's teaching style is so effective. He had lessons all planned, well structured so I knew my progress after each drive. With someone who has a tight budget like myself, that was exactly what I needed: Clearly planned, effective lessons through to the test date. Rob encouraged me a lot and I could see my confidence level went up greatly. English is not my first language and driving in the UK is different not only in the rules aspect but also in the behaviours of other road users. I was so nervous and afraid of making other drivers "annoyed" at me taking time doing my reverses. Rob's calm and friendly instructions helped a lot and gradually, I became more relaxed, enjoying driving and communicating better with other road users which I think are all important. All in all, I would recommend Rob/Apply Driving School to anyone who is serious about learning how to drive. Rob has amazing skills, he will assess your learning style and find the best approach to it. I passed, it is great but also not because there will be no fun, effective lessons any more :(”

Fiona Do, City Centre, Nottingham

“Absolutely fantastic. Rob is a fantastic instructor, his teaching style is friendly but incredibly effective. He takes his job seriously which is always a plus, he cares about what he is doing and it shows in the detail and patience with which he teaches. Have already recommended him to my friends, and am sorry to be finished!”

Charlie Bostock, Lenton, Nottingham

“Rob is an incredibly professional and patient instructor. He let me progress at my own pace while ensuring I continued to stretch myself. He is friendly and approachable and very easy to speak to regarding any questions and concerns. Good material on the website supported the theory test well. I was delighted to pass the theory and practical first time due to Rob and his well constructed syllabus. This ensured not only that I passed but was also a good all round driver. I recommend Rob without reservation to be your Driving Instructor.”

Matthew Woodward, Watnall, Nottingham

“I enjoyed my time learning to drive with Rob, he is an incredibly patient, professional and dedicated driving instructor. Rob uses a variety of teaching methods to help you learn to drive. Learning was made easier with diagrams, demonstrations and even two wooden toy cars! He also provides support and access to a website where you can study for your theory test, and the videos he's made were invaluable. I would like to thank Rob very much for getting me through my driving test, I couldn't have done it without you! I would without any doubt recommend Apple Driving School.”

Lara Owden, Carlton, Nottingham

“I did more than 30 hours with another driving school in Nottingham and appeared for three tests only to realise that it was not working for me. Went to the internet and read some reviews about Apple driving school. Rob turned to be exactly the same as most people commented - very friendly, patient and positive. Rob's unique style is that he gives you a lot of freedom to make mistakes and learn from them. He makes sure that you know your stuff well before you are ready for the big day. Just two lessons with Rob and I passed with four minors. I'd HIGHLY recommend Rob to anyone and everyone.”

Nippin Anand, Wollaton, Nottingham

“Fantastic driving instructor, patient, well prepared and eager to help you succeed. Would highly recommend to anybody looking to learn how to drive. Made me feel very comfortable learning, and was always flexible with lessons. 10 out of 10 for Apple Driving school.”

Thomas Temple, Arnold, Nottingham

“Having put off learning to drive late into my twenties, I thought I would really struggle with how nervous I was at the prospect of being behind the wheel. It was entirely down to Rob's calm and patient nature that I was able to overcome these nerves very quickly. Under Rob's tuition I became a confident driver, and because of his well thought out structured lessons I was 100% ready to pass my test first time. I have only been passed a couple of weeks, but even in that time It's made me appreciate even more how Rob's lessons have prepared me for driving in the real world. I can't recommend Rob and Apple Driving school highly enough! Thanks again Rob!”

Adam Goodall, Hucknall, Nottingham

“I am so grateful to Rob for taking me through the process of learning to drive. From my very first lesson Rob was so encouraging and positive and his attitude remained that way until the day I passed my test. I thought that learning to drive in my late 30s would be more challenging and perhaps take a lot longer than someone in their 20s, however this was not the case. Due to Rob's excellent teaching skills and his ability to explain things clearly and logically when the time came for me to take my practical test I felt more than ready. Rob's lessons were always varied and relevant, one of the things that Rob stressed was that he wanted to teach me to drive not just to pass my practical test but perhaps more importantly to feel confident about driving alone once I did pass. This proved to be true as I feel more than able to go out in the car on my own or with my family.”

Charmaine Crew, Stapleford, Nottingham

“Rob estimated I would need 6 hours of driving lessons, I did the 6 hours and passed the extended driving test 1st time. Highly recommended!”

Sean Jackson, Beeston, Nottingham

“When I moved up to Nottingham, I had previously had lessons. It was about 9 months after moving up that I thought to myself that I must get learning again. I found Rob while doing a Google search for driving schools in the area to see what they would charge etc. I thought I would give Apple Driving school a chance. I was glad that I did as I found that Rob was patient with me if i got frustrated with something. He has a folder full of pictures to help you understand different things from box junctions to traffic light systems, the road layout more, especially when it comes to roundabouts with different color lines to show you what lane you need to be in and why so that you can navigate around them safely. I am glad that I went with him as I passed 1st time with only 3 minors! Now I can do the long drives when we go back home to visit family and friends and my partner can have a drink for a change!”

Vanessa Heighes, Hucknall, Nottingham

“I found learning to drive with Rob a very enjoyable experience. Not only was he friendly, down to earth and professional, he was encouraging and supportive throughout my learning. Rob's thorough approach to lessons has given me the confidence to drive independently and be capable of dealing with the vast majority of the road situations that I may face. I was also very much appreciative of his flexible approach to the teaching program due to the often changing demands of my University course.”

Jennifer Adamson, University of Nottingham

“I found Rob to be an excellent instructor. He was very friendly and taught me in a way which was easy for me to learn. He taught me all the essential driving skills. His teaching has made me a good driver. I would recommend Apple driving school to anyone considering driving lessons.”

Dr Udani Stambo, Lenton, Nottingham

“A year after passing my driving test I was still a nervous driver lacking confidence. After my Pass Plus with Rob it all changed! I feel so much more at ease now and driving feels natural. Rob taught me with patience and thoroughness how to drive on motorways, at night and on rural roads, and I really feel self-assured in every condition now. Rob's experience and niceness were very helpful and I'm really glad I chose Apple Driving School.”

Johanna Thomas, Lenton, Nottingham

“I found Rob through Google so I thought I would give it a go. From the very first lesson, I have felt that he is a very good driving instructor indeed. I am not a confident driver but Rob is very friendly and calm, he made me feel at ease. Even if I did some faults he would still use his gentle tone of voice to assure me it's OK, and tell me what I could have done next time to prevent it. I passed my driving test with only 5 minor faults, thanks to Rob. Good job! :)”

Carol Fan, City Centre, Nottingham

“I learnt to drive with Apple Driving School in 2009/2010. Having Rob as a driving instructor was an added benefit of learning to drive. Rob is a very patient and calm person who would be perfect for those who are nervous. He always encouraged me to do my best, even when I thought I wasn't doing very well. Added to this, I passed 1st time! I would definitely recommend Apple Driving school and every bit of my money was spent wisely with him!”

Laura Robinson, Kimberley, Nottingham

“I heard about Rob through a couple of friends who did lessons with him. They really enjoyed their experience and so did I. 'Patient and friendly' as it states on the website... there's no doubt about that. He has really been very adjusting and flexible with timings to accommodate my variable work schedule and ensured each lesson was planned in advance to improve areas of weakness in my driving. My situation would have been particularly challenging, having driven an automatic car for several years in the middle east (driving on the other-side); but Rob has successfully broken the bad habits and through clear descriptions has always managed to clear my doubts on road rules. Apart from being a brilliant instructor Robs company is very enjoyable, and makes the monotony of a 2 hour drive something to look forward to. I would definitely recommend him as a driving tutor. Thanks for all your help Rob!”

Dr. Rishi Malhotra, Lenton, Nottingham

“When I first tried to learn to drive at 17 I was terrified and completely useless. A few years later I went to Apple Driving School when I had to learn - after only the first lesson I felt more confident behind the wheel than I ever had before, within weeks I was enjoying and looking forward to my lessons. My instructor had endless patience, and adapted his way of teaching when I didn't understand or couldn't get my head around how to do something - for me, reversing round corners! The lessons were thorough and we covered much more than just what I needed to pass my test, including city centre driving and country lanes which just gave me even more confidence when I took my test - which I passed with two minors!  I would recommend Apple Driving School to anyone.”

Beth Timney, Nottingham University

“Rob is really patient and down to earth in his teachings, he's very good at what he does and tries hard to make sure you succeed.”

Zara, Lenton, Nottingham

“Rob helped me gain the skills and confidence to pass my test on the first occasion. Without his instruction and guidance I very much doubt I would have been able to do this with another instructor. His friendly nature and calm attitude allows you to concentrate on learning and not worrying about what the driving instructor is thinking. I would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Rob made it easy to fit lessons around my schedule and was willing to adapt to the times I wanted to learn. Thanks Rob.”

Dean Mills, City Centre, Nottingham

“Finding a decent driving instructor is really hard. You want value for money! someone who is going to get you passed in the quickest time possible! and most importantly some one you are going to get on with! with Apple driving school I felt all of these boxes were ticked. Rob was very professional, really easy to get on with and made me feel at ease on the road. Learning to drive can be a bit daunting and a bit of a hassle fitting it in to your every day life. However Rob was really flexible with me, fitting lessons into my sometimes so hectic working life. I passed first time a couple of months ago! and have already driven down to London, Lemmington Spa! Northampton! Staffordshire and beyond! Highly recommended! ***** 5 STARS!!”

Victoria Price, City Centre, Nottingham

“Rob was a fantastic instructor, I would highly recommend Apple Driving School to anyone! Having previously passed my test 15 years ago and having not driven since, the thought of driving again was very daunting but after my first lesson with Rob I had gained so much confidence. His relaxed manner and friendly personality helped me to feel comfortable and enjoy every lesson. His explanations were very clear and easy to understand and I always felt I could ask questions. Rob was always reliable, extremely patient and calm at all times and gave me a lot of encouragement which was greatly appreciated with me being very nervous at the beginning! After just 11 refresher lessons I am now off driving on my own - Thanks Rob for all you help :-)”

Rachel Kitchen, Chilwell, Nottingham

“Rob was a great driving instructor, he was always very friendly. The lessons I had with him were a lot of fun as well as extremely helpful with my quick progress to pass my test. Overall I will say that Rob really is a great driving instructor and i would recommend Apple Driving School to everyone. 5/5”

Eddie Ball, Giltbrook, Nottingham

“Rob was an amazing instructor who gave me confidence and the ability to believe in myself. Throughout driving lessons he was friendly and always calm, and had a fantastic sense of humour- which helps! I passed my driving test first time and would recommend him to people wanting to learn - whatever level they are at. I have had instructors before that just do not compare to the standard that Rob is. Thank you Rob, for making my dream a reality!”

Sara Bailey, City Centre, Nottingham

“Rob is the best driving instructor ever! Not a single thing to complain about in the seven month! Always patient and professional, friendly and funny. His explanations are clear and easy to understand even for non native speakers like me. You can always reach him, if you have any problems. All in all: highly recommended driving school! A+++ Thank you very much!”

Alexandra Genenko, Wollaton, Nottingham

“I learnt to drive with Rob in 2007/08, I found Rob to be an excellent teacher, calm, patient and very helpful, I passed in 34 hours worth of lessons and I credit this all to the way Rob taught me and encouraged me when I felt I wasn't doing so well, I have recommended Rob to many of my friends and family and am pleased to say everyone that took lessons with him since I passed have also passed! I would definitely say Rob is one of, if not the best teacher in Nottingham and is worth every single penny! Thanks again for helping me to pass my test and I hope many more will pass with you!” Jude :)

Jude Smith, Arnold, Nottingham

“An absolutely wonderful driving instructor! Even though I was incredibly nervous about driving, Rob made me feel completely at ease from the very first lesson. He's a lovely, friendly and very patient instructor who will never make you feel silly or upset over your mistakes- explaining things in a variety of ways to suit any learning style. I definitely felt I was getting excellent value for money, and- as I passed first time- it shows! Rob doesn't just teach you to pass the test, he teaches you how to drive in a large number or scenarios so that you feel safe and confident when out on the road alone. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”

Steven Lewis, Stapleford, Nottingham

“BEST. INSTRUCTOR. EVER! Seriously, consider no other driving instructor in Nottingham, Rob really is the best! Very knowledgeable, patient and friendly, Rob will not just teach you to pass your test, but how to drive for life. Learning to drive was particularly difficult for me, but during the 1.5 years Rob was teaching me he never lost faith in me even when my own confidence was very very low. I passed my test with 6 minors today and am very grateful for the enjoyable, structured lessons and the excellent advice and support I have received. Totally worth all the time and money, CHEERS ROB! :D”

Imrana Karimullah, Lenton, Nottingham  

“Brilliant driving instructor! I was a very nervous pupil to begin with and had put off learning how to drive because the prospect terrified me. Rob was reassuring and patient right from the beginning which helped me relax and actually enjoy driving. He uses different exercises and ideas that can help anyone in the areas of driving they struggle with the most. I had a different driving instructor for a couple of lessons when I went home from university for the summer, and found that they were no where near as encouraging or up to the same standard. Unlike many other driving schools, Apple driving school doesn’t just teach you how to pass your driving test, but how to be a good and confident driver in any kind of situation. I only passed a few weeks ago, and have already driven right round the country as part of my job, and I can only put this down to Rob’s thorough instruction and enthusiasm. I would definitely recommended Rob as a driving instructor to anyone! 5 stars!”

Natalie Jackson, Lenton, Nottingham

“As the parents of a young lady with special needs, we would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to Rob - probably one of the best driving instructors in the world! His calmness, patience and ability to adapt to the learning styles of each individual definitely helped our daughter to gain the confidence to pass her driving test at the first attempt – something that we never thought possible. Over the extended period of time that Chezelle was learning to drive with Rob, we were always impressed by his thoroughness of preparation and reassured by the positive feedback that he gave to us after every lesson. We would recommend him highly to anybody thinking of learning to drive - particularly those with special needs or learning difficulties. Thank you Rob – you are the BEST.”

Tony, Ruth & Chezelle Allen, Wollaton, Nottingham

"As an autistic adult, my stress levels for learning to drive were at an all time high. Going from having never driven a car before, Rob immediately makes you feel at ease. His relaxed and easy going personality makes you look forward to your driving lesson. Rob has a very open approach and is always willing to hear your thoughts and feelings on things. His teaching style is adaptive and most important he teaches you drive and not just pass your test. However, under his tuition, I passed my test first time!! Rob is awesome and I would highly recommend his to all!"

Faye Cameron, Mapperley, Nottingham

"Well where do I start? I genuinely do not believe there are enough superlatives in the dictionary for me to describe what an utterly amazing driving instructor Rob really is! I've learnt to drive with him over the last 7 months and managed to not only pass my theory test first time, with a considerable amount of help from Rob (which is not always offered from other instructors), but pass my test first time as well! I total believe this would not of been possible in such a time frame had Rob not been an exceptional instructor! His demeanour and personality make him instantly likeable and his ability to make me feel comfortable straight away was remarkable as I believed I would never be able to learn to drive! His style of teaching is geared towards any type of learner as he specifically caters his teacher to however the student learns best. Whether this be practical demonstrations, drawings or pictures he's got it all! Alongside this an extensive syllabus he's created, which not only prepares you for passing your driving test but also gears you up for life on the road afterwards! I genuinely couldn't recommend Rob enough! If you want to feel extremely comfortable and at home whilst learning to drive Rob is your guy!"

Samantha Cameron, Stapleford, Nottingham

"Lots of people here talking about Rob's patient and flexible approach, and all I can say is - believe the hype. I went years with no interest in learning to drive, then as lockdowns struck and public transport started to become notoriously unreliable (yet more expensive), I decided it was time. I thought if Rob could teach me he could teach anyone, and what a joy it has been. Having just passed my test I've yet to get used to the fact that I'm no longer officially a non-driver. I can't recommend Rob's teaching methodology enough, and he's a damn nice chap besides. Excellent."

Simon Ellis, Forest Fields, Nottingham

"There are not enough positive words in our vocabulary to describe how fantastic Rob is. Both my children, one has Asperger’s and the other has ADHD & Autism, have both passed their driving tests and was tutored by Rob. He is patient, knowledgable, understanding and compassionate about ensuring his pupils are tutored in the best way for them.  Rob goes that extra mile to tap into how his pupils think and act, and then adapts his driving lessons to match the pupil. I always knew both of my children would pass with Rob so I am excited for their future taking another step forward on becoming independent. Thank you Rob, you are the best in your field!"

Lisa Meakin, Bilborough, Nottingham

"I started learning to drive back in 2018 in a manual car and I didn't get on too well with that car so I asked a friend of mine who I knew was learning in an automatic and he told me about Rob. I searched Rob up and saw tons of reviews that were amazing and that he had ways of teaching new learners with disabilities. When I started with Rob we got on really well, it was like I had been driving with him for weeks. My confidence grew and i found it easier to drive and because of how nice he was. Thanks to Rob I got a lot of theory knowledge in details which I didn't know and a lot of practical experience and my own electric car to practice in. After all that the mock tests and lessons really helped to get ready for my upcoming test and thanks to Rob i passed first time. My overall review of Rob is he is the best and most incredible instructor I have ever had. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to drive in an automatic or to someone with disabilities, he is a straight talker but a really nice guy. Finally I would like to say a massive thank you to Rob for everything for the lessons, for the time and for being open about me using my own car for lessons and the test nearer the time and for booking it after I was having trouble getting onto the booking system. Thank you Rob you, are the best."

Harry Knowles, Bramcote, Nottingham

"If you need a driving instructor in the Nottingham area then I would highly recommend contacting Rob ASAP. He clearly loves his job and his passion will rub off on any nervous or reluctant driver. After 1 lesson (2 hours) driving felt easy! Rob is patient, reliable, knowledgable and will provide you with the confidence to crack this driving malarkey in no time! I passed today at the age of 37 with ZERO faults....I had a horrific experience with a driving instructor in my early 20s which put me off learning to drive. I’ve been nagged by my parents, brother, mates and my wife for YEARS and decided this year was my year. I did my research and decided Apple Driving was for me. I even ended up buying an electric car (a Leaf) after a month of learning under Rob and his Nissan Leaf. Rob provided fantastic advice on the car, charging points, apps to use etc and I’m delighted with my choice. The positive reviews speak for themselves."

Tom Boylan, Toton, Nottingham

"Rob is a fantastic driving Instructor, and a great guy. For years and years, I have always had the “are you driving yet?” or “why don’t you drive?” questions from friends/colleagues. I had about 6 lessons with a manual driving instructor in 2006, and didn’t really enjoy the experience, so decided not to proceed with learning to drive but instead go down the route of “I’ll do it next year”. In 2020 and at the age of 41 I decided that I would re-visit driving and would use the internet to help find a local instructor that would be suitable. I came across Apple driving School (Rob). Excellent reviews, twinned with the fact that Rob taught in an EV (Electric Vehicle) so I could learn to drive and do my bit for the environment at the same time. Rob was an obvious choice, and 110% the right one. Rob’s teaching style is adaptive, creative, and very reassuring. Within a few minutes of my first lesson, I knew that my faith in the online reviews was definitely justified. I also looked forward to my next lesson, which would have been unthinkable prior to me starting my lessons again. I feel that Rob could teach any subject that he had a passion for. I passed first time last week and will be booking my pass plus very soon. I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience of learning to drive. Thank you for making the seemingly impossible, possible!"

Mark Darby, Long Eaton, Nottingham

"Although I passed my driving test a long time ago I have never really enjoyed driving. For the past 10 years I have not driven much at all due to mobility issues and increased anxiety about driving. When my husband was in hospital in the middle of January I realised that I needed to drive as his recovery would take a long time. So I contacted Rob as we have an automatic car now. Rob immediately put me at ease and assured me that my anxieties were shared by many people. He conducted every lesson in a calm, positive, reassuring way and at the end of each lesson I felt more at ease with driving. I have a problem with turning my neck far right but Rob problem solved this by finding a mirror that fastens to the driver's door and resolves the issue.

After four 2 hour lessons I am now able to go out on my own in my car and feel confident that I can cope. I can't thank Rob enough for his guidance, strategies and excellent teaching approach. I can thoroughly recommend Rob and Apple Driving School."

Margaret Prentice, Long Eaton, Nottingham

"Rob has a wonderful approach to teaching and taught my son to a great standard. He was calm, understanding, reliable and the whole time a pleasure to work with. We really felt supported with his friendly attitude and positive approach to teaching and I wholeheartedly recommend him! He has been great through the highs and lows of my son learning to drive and we couldn’t have done it without him. Amazing work, thank you Rob!"

Pish Ezzat, Wollaton, Nottingham

“I had a lot of fear around driving and as a result avoided it until looming loss of independence and freedom forced my hand. I did a lot of research before deciding on Rob and he was great from the first communication. I struggled with some aspects but was always encouraged to keep on. He is inventive in finding solutions appropriate for one’s own situation. If you are older, nervous or have been discouraged by previous bad experience, I would highly recommend Rob to help you through your test and into confident independent driving. I would also recommend him if you are none of these!”

Perdita Smith, Wollaton, Nottingham

"I was taught by Rob for 8 months after three years without stepping foot in a car. Rob is kind , friendly and very motivating especially in circumstances that might have caused a slip in confidence, he was there to give me positivity and sound advice. He is informative and very open to helping and improving driving ability through new and innovative methods that are pupil specific and definitely works outside the normal remit of “ one rule fits all” as my previous instructor used. Today I passed first time and I could not have done that without the support and encouragement from Rob Cooling who ensured I was suitably ready for my test. I could not recommend Rob highly enough I hope more SLN instructors might crop up around the East Midlands until then Rob is your go to guy. Well done Apple Driving school and not forgetting the LEAF!!!  5/5  Joe, Dyspraxia sufferer, Passed first time"

Joe Simpson, Borrowash, Derby

"My experience at Apple Driving School was amazing from start to finish! from the start Rob made me feel relaxed behind the wheel which I think was so important for me and my development as a driver, he never made me feel bad for making a mistake or asking a question, he always encouraged me and made me feel positive about what I was doing. I never left a lesson feeling stressed or overwhelmed and that was all down to Rob and his incredible teaching, and it's clear to me he has a gift for what he does. A really awesome driving instructor!"

Reuben Crew, Stapleford, Nottingham

"Rob is a great instructor, goes above and beyond to help make you a safe and competent driver. A very supportive and relaxing presence making learning much easier."

Anicca Ananta, Wollaton, Nottingham

"He’s an amazing teacher, he helps find ways for you to understand and he goes through the all the lessons very thoroughly which is amazing if you need extra time on something, would 100% recommend"

Lillie Meakin, Bilborough, Nottingham

"Rob is the best instructor I've ever had and I've had a few! I suffer with anxiety and nerves especially in test situations and have tried everything but to no avail (even hypnotherapy). Then I found Rob and he was amazing from the start. Very kind, helpful, understanding, patient and knowledgeable!!! Thank you Rob for helping me to finally pass my test!!! Pass plus next for added confidence x x x."

Michelle Carter, Long Eaton, Nottingham

"When I first started my driving lessons I was extremely nervous after a very negative driving lesson experience several years ago but I quickly became relaxed and realised what a good driving experience should be with Robs help. I'm also dyslexic and have a chronic pain condition but Rob was able to work with me, made adaptions and always made me feel comfortable on the road. I passed my test on the first attempt whilst 6 months pregnant with Robs expert guidance and I absolutely recommend him to any one looking to start their driving journey! Thank you."

Emily Perry, Trowell, Nottingham

"After struggling getting to grips with driving and thinking it was never going to be an option for me, Rob really was the force behind increasing my confidence and skill-set. He was extremely patient, understanding and passionate with thought out lesson plans that not only get you to a place where you can take your test; but takes your skill-set beyond that to make sure you are a safe driver. If you think you can't or will not be able to drive, no matter your background or circumstances, I would implore you contact Rob and book in a few lessons."

Luke Hinchley, Stapleford, Nottingham

"I had taken lessons previously and wanted to come back to driving as soon as I could. I was nervous at the start but Rob is an amazing driving instructor. He is so patient and knowledgeable which encouraged me to always try my hardest. I loved the way each lesson was structured and so organised – I understood what we will be doing and I was always encouraged to talk about any worries and/or I had. My confidence in my driving grew because of the encouragement and guidance I had received from him. His support and reassurance is unbelievable and I will always be grateful to him; I cannot recommend him enough! Thank you so much Rob!"

Halima Umer, Aspley, Nottingham

"Speaking as a parent whose Son has just passed his test with Apple, I can fully recommend Rob. He is patient and teaches students a lot more than just being able to pass their test. He is also willing to engage with parents and has always provided feedback on progress. When Rob suggested that our Son book his driving test we were confident that he thought he was ready and, by passing his test, he was right."

Richard Naylor, Sandiacre, Nottingham

"Rob is a calm and enthusiastic teacher. He supported our daughter every step of the way and she enjoyed every lesson. And she passed first time! I would thoroughly recommend Rob to anyone who just needs that extra support.

Just to say Rob is absolutely brilliant. Dedicated and thorough with his teaching."

Will and Kara Deegan, Bramcote, Nottingham

"Fantastic Driving Instructor, Encouraging & supportive of individual needs and goes out of his way to ensure he explains things in a way you understand. Having Dyslexia and adhd I have found learning to drive a challenge and never thought I would be able to pass. With Robs help I have now passed my driving test! And I can't thank him enough, would highly recommend for anyone struggling with the challenges that come with learning difficulties and learning to drive."

"I’m Katy Smedley’s mum and just wanted to thank you so much for helping Katy pass her driving test yesterday! She’s thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with you and your understanding of the way she learns and how best to teach her was spot on! You’ve managed to motivate her and made the whole experience rewarding. I’m so grateful that you’ve helped her to achieve something that she never thought she could do, and going forward, the experience will help her to have the confidence in her an abilities that she’s always struggled with."

Katy and Marion Smedley, Stapleford, Nottingham

"I passed my test with the excellent support and teaching from Rob, first time back in July. I am older then your average learner (33!) and due to a horrible experience many years ago had lost my nerve when it came to driving. I was really nervous before starting, probably more then I let on, but Rob was absolutely fantastic at helping me get my confidence back. The lessons were always well planned and helped me develop all the relevant skills to become a safe driver. I've been on the road now for a few months and can honestly say I feel a more confident, observant and responsive driver, thanks to Rob's teaching. I couldn't recommend him more!"

Rachel Hawkins, Stapleford, Nottingham

"Brilliant! I still can't believe I have passed!! The most informative, knowledgeable and patient driving instructor I have ever had. Suffering with anxiety since childhood I have tried a few times throughout my life to drive, all ended in disaster and I thought I would never do it. Then when my children were settled in school I thought I would give it another bash and thats when I found Apple. If you have any kind of issues with driving, please give Apple Driving School a go, you will not regret it. I could not have done it without Rob's enthusiasm and tutoring. Superb in every sense of the word."

Tracy Piper, Underwood, Nottingham

"Fantastic driving instructor ! I am a slow learner and driving was a difficult process for me to get my head around , but Rob's patience and want to understand my methods helped push me to where i needed to be and ultimately pass my test :) can't thank you enough Rob !!"

Zoe Attenborough, Kimberley, Nottingham

"I really enjoyed my lessons with Rob from the very beginning even though I had no driving experience. He is friendly, patient and his course is well organised. He adapts every lesson to the pupil's needs and is excellent at explaining things. I benefited greatly from the two hour lesson slots and mock tests which allowed me to progress each time I drove. Rob clearly loves his job which is shown by the enthusiasm he brings to each lesson."

Ruby Sharp, Sandiacre, Nottingham

"I first started learning to drive with Rob around 2 years ago. Unfortunately, due to illness and college commitments, I had to stop my lessons. A few months ago I started my lessons again and I can honestly say that I'm glad I did! Rob was a fantastic instructor! :) Rob kept his detailed records of my progress, so I was able to carry on from where I'd finished previously. He was always on time for my lessons, and on the rare occasion he was going to be late because of heavy traffic, he would always let me know in plenty of time. Just before a lesson would end, Rob would always sit with you and discuss the progress made, talking about the positive aspects of the drive and any negative things that could be improved on in the next lesson. On the next lesson, Rob would then work through the targets so I could overcome the faults - such as problems to do with excessive speed, etc. Rob was very calm and patient. I have always had a problem with stalling every now and then. Not once would he tut or moan like I imagine other instructors would do! Rob has a really good syllabus, which we worked through during my lessons. It prepares you really well for your test and for life after the test too! The lessons are great value too! I paid £52 for a 2 hour lesson, but I would often get another 10 minutes at the end! At the end of the syllabus, Rob performs 2 mock tests with you. He played the role of examiner (so it felt like an actual test) and at the end of the mock, Rob would let me know any faults I had made and positive points too. The mocks really help you get prepared for the real thing! On top of all of this, Rob provides you with help on the theory test and on the 'show me, tell me' questions. On the day of the test, I was very nervous. But Rob did a fantastic job of making me feel calm and relaxed before the test. I went on to pass first time with just 1 minor fault and I can honestly say that I would not have done it without Rob's fantastic tuition! I genuinely couldn't recommend Rob enough!"

Adam Brazener, Arnold, Nottingham

"Thank you very much for helping me on this journey, you're a fantastic instructor and I doubt I could come so far without you. It's been an absolute pleasure."

James Meakin, Wollaton, Nottingham

"Passed my driving test first time with only 3 minor faults.  Not  only is Rob an exceptionally patient and friendly guy, he knows how we all learn differently and teaches you how you learn best.  very in depth lessons to cover all aspects of driving which makes you a better driver all round.  would highly recommend Rob to anyone! :)"

Matthew Fisher, Arnold, Nottingham

"I started to learn to drive with Rob Cooling in September 2014 until today when I passed my driving test first time. I was 49 years old when I first began to learn to drive. I found it daunting even terrifying at the thought of being behind the wheel.Being out of Education since A levels there was a learning curve ahead of me which was made easy by Rob because he tailors the syllabus to meet your needs. The course is varied and each lesson takes you further into a well structured syllabus. Rob is a superb driving instructor. He inspires you when things go wrong and praises and builds your confidence when things go well. Rob is a true professional and second to none.. I would highly recommend Apple Driving School to anyone looking to drive with an instructor that caters for all ages and abilities."

Amanda Hayward, Gedling, Nottingham

"Great teacher helps you learn at your own speed and helped me pass 1st time!"

Robert Bannister, Basford, Nottingham

“I had a lesson with another driving instructor first, but I didn’t enjoy the experience. I found Rob via the Internet and was impressed with all the positive reviews. He is exactly what people say and what I needed. Rob is a very patient, calm and friendly guy with a lot of experience who really knows his stuff. He is passionate about what he does and is always willing to learn more. He is really good at explaining things and uses different resources like coloured drawings, toy cars etc to make his explanations very clear. His online videos are also excellent and they complement the lessons extremely well. He created a syllabus, which covers all you need to pass the test and it’s very easy to follow what you’ve accomplished and what you still need to practice. Rob is always very clear and honest about what you need to improve on, but also encourages you to express your own concerns. I highly recommend Rob to anyone who wants to take driving lessons with an excellent driving instructor who understands you and supports you all the way through to passing the test.”

Raphael Lamas, Wollaton, Nottingham

“Having failed to learn to drive on 4 previous attempts with 4 different instructors I thought that I was never going to get that elusive pink licence. Until Rob and Apple Driving… As a person he is patient, organised and most importantly has the ability to make even the most difficult and scary aspects of driving seem simple. His syllabus is well thought out and clear, and the learning experience is interactive and feedback is always a two way street. The course does not simply teach you to pass the test but it learns you how to drive. I couldn't recommend Apple Driving or Rob more!”

Scott Shore, Hucknall, Nottingham

“Rob is easily the best driving instructor I've ever met. He has always been calm and patient, and his lessons prepared me for driving safely and independently beyond the demands of the driving test. As well as great teaching during lessons, he assigned 'homework' to work on during practice with family members, and went above and beyond to help me with things that used to freak me out, like pulling over for ambulances and using protected right turns. Although Rob is busy and you might have to wait a while to book a first lesson with him, I'd recommend him above anyone else, no question. :)”

Claire O’ Malley, The Park, Nottingham

“My search for a good instructor in Nottingham was successful after I looked at Rob's "appledrivingschool" youtube channel. The videos gave me a very good impression about Rob as an instructor which persuaded me. To opt for Rob as my driving instructor. After a bit of patience I finally got hold of him :-) as he was fully booked. After my first interaction with Rob, my hopes were turned to reality. Rob is really a great instructor and the efforts he put to deliver his driving knowledge is unbelievable. He is very good modern day driving instructor and he knows his gadgets well. Rob has always accommodated my request for different timing for my driving lessons and I am really thankful for that. One great thing about Rob is that he is an intelligent instructor and has a really good grip on how he nurtures his students. Also, he is an owner of perfectly maintained Toyota Corolla. I personally enjoyed all the driving lessons from Rob and in under 15 hours Rob has really given me deep knowledge and insight towards driving which I will use in my future. On another note and very important, he not only focus on getting the students pass their driving test but also teaches his students on how to become an ideal driver and polishes the students on their driving habits. If you are looking for a well organised, hard working, punctual and a dedicated instructor Rob is the man! Be patient, you may have to wait to get hold of him but Rob is really worth the wait!!!”

Gilroy Gonsalves, City Centre, Nottingham

“Rob is an EXCELLENT driving instructor. Was recommended to me by a few friends and could tell straight away why his pupils love his style of teaching! Very patient and accommodating. Tailored his training to each individual and pitched his teaching at the right level. Passed FIRST time round with only 2 Faults!”

Kristel Yap, Lenton, Nottingham

“I started learning with Rob after doing 20 hours of driving with another instructor. At this point, I hated driving, had no confidence, and already wanted to give up. Rob helped to change all this. He is kind and very patient, he reassures you constantly, and is criticises constructively when necessary, so you never feel 'told off'. You feel like it's not a problem to make a mistake. His lessons are flexible, he was able to pick me up from various places, including university, home and town. Rob encourages you to input your own wishes and opinions into lessons, and really listens to any concerns that you have. Overall, I have loved learning with him, and would 100000% recommend him. Thanks a lot! :) Edited to add: It is also great to have an instructor who is so friendly with other instructors in the area, it makes a world of difference to see there is no competition and to see him so genuinely pleased with the others' successes.”

Rhiannon Godden, Hucknall, Nottingham

“Apple is the way if u want to pass your driving test I'm talking from experience.”

Orvil Williams, Kimberley, Nottingham

“Rob was a fantastic teacher. Throughout my lessons he was exceptionally clear, making difficult concepts seem very simple, and always happy to go over things again or to revisit them whenever I asked to. Furthermore, Rob helped me to stay motivated throughout the course and to improve upon my weaker areas. Driving lessons with Apple Driving School were always a pleasure and very good value for money.”

Daniel Etches, Kimberley, Nottingham

“Rob is an excellent driving instructor. He is extremely patient and calm, and that's really helpful if you are extremely nervous about driving, like I was. His syllabus is really easy and clear to understand. I passed with only 3 driver faults, which proves that Rob is a brilliant instructor. Thank you again Rob.”

Jessica Woodward, Watnall, Nottingham

“I decided to start learning to drive with Rob at Apple Driving School after very hearty recommendation from a friend. Rob's approach to driving tuition suited me perfectly. Following his well-planned, highly refined driving syllabus meant I always knew where I was in the course, and what was coming up. But within the structure of the course, Rob maintains the flexibility to be responsive to issues and areas of concern. Lessons always started with a discussion of a clear set of goals and action points, and ended with a thorough debrief with lots of focus on the positive as well as areas for improvement. Whenever I struggled with something, Rob always had a plethora of different approaches to help conquer a problem, and his creative approaches to explaining things were always very effective. Rob provides extra help in the form of revision videos to support your learning - these come in very handy indeed, particularly in the run up to test. He exercised very good judgment in letting me know when I was ready to take my test, evidenced by a first time pass. As for Rob himself - he's patient, friendly, reliable and a genuinely lovely person to spend two hours a week in a car with. While I'm delighted to have passed my test, I think I'm going to miss my driving lessons! Thoroughly recommended - I can't imagine a better experience of learning to drive.”

Rachel Van Krimpen, Beeston, Nottingham

“I wanted to start learning to drive whilst at university and stumbled across Rob's page on google. I could not be happier that I did because he has made driving such a pleasurable learning experience! He was calm, patient, positive and supportive throughout every single lesson and it was a pleasure to be instructed by such a knowledgeable teacher! He was flexible to my busy schedule and if I was away during summer he would quickly help me to get my driving confidence back. I always looked forward to my driving lessons, a rarity amongst my friends and would highly recommend Rob to everyone for an enjoyable learning experience!”

Gavriella Morris, Lenton, Nottingham

“Although I dont know Rob well and haven't learned to drive with him, I have recently accompanied my partner on several of her lessons and was more than impressed with Robs attitude and personality! He is VERY Friendly, patient, calm, laid back, easy to get along with and just a nice, decent and genuine guy! My partner has NEVER had a negative word to say about him :) And from what I have seen ... neither have I! So if anyone lives within Nottingham area and are thinking of starting driving lessons .. Rob is your man! :) I would recommend him to anyone! :) Thanks again Rob for all you've done for her. Top man!”

Alan Walker, Bulwell, Nottingham

“I would highly recommend rob as a driving instructor as he is patient, friendly and creative with his lessons. All of this helped me to pass first time and give me the confidence to be able to drive on my own. His online videos were especially helpful when it came to revising for the test as they were very clear and told you everything you needed to no. Overall I really enjoyed the experience of learning to drive with rob and i will definitely recommend to anybody learning to drive.”

Daniel Field, Watnall, Nottingham

"Rob is an extremely personable, understanding and patient instructor. His calm demeanour helped me to relax, feel confident and overcome my nerves and fears. Learning in this environment allowed me to progress from strength to strength very quickly, leading through to me passing my driving test on my first attempt. Rob is also very thorough and intuitive in his teaching, tailoring every lesson around my specific needs and worries. If there was something I was unsure about he was always reasurring, providing helpful points of improvement, encouragement and letting me repeat any exercise till I felt comfortable. Overall it has been a privilege to learn with Rob and I would highly recommend him as an instructor."

George Watkins, Wollaton, Nottingham

“I would 100% recommend Rob to anyone who had a similar perspective to driving as I did, as someone with low self confidence and thought they would never manage to survive driving Rob has been a great teacher, every lesson was planned out very well and the plans after each lesson with points that needed focus helped a ton. One of my favourite features of the course and having Rob as a teacher was that there was no rush, he is a very calm and welcoming teacher who will keep you calm and reassure you constantly. Overall, I loved the relaxed environment and his teaching style is great! Looking forward to booking my Pass Plus!”

Chris Wass, Arnold, Nottingham

“I passed my test first time with just two driver faults, that says a lot of it! Rob was a brilliant instructor, always having a very calming influence whatever the situation was. He was someone that you knew you could trust and would never rush a pupil when learning a new skill, instead allowing plenty of time to practice. I knew once I was about to begin my test that I was ready, and that was simply because Rob had allowed enough time for me to learn and have practiced everything needed. I'd recommend Rob to anybody, a simply fantastic instructor that you can be confident of passing with!”

Joseph Robinson, Giltbrook, Nottingham

“Having come from a previous instructor a few years earlier, I had little confidence in my driving and was dreading getting back in to it. To my relief, Rob was a fantastic driving instructor, I learned so much in his lessons and he made me feel comfortable and confident about my abilities. He explains everything in a clear way, he is professional yet still friendly and approachable if you have any worries or problems. I would definitely recommend to anyone learning to drive! :)”

Hanna Fowler, Lenton, Nottingham

“Rob is an incredibly friendly, patient and fun instructor. He explains things in a super clear way. I had a great time during my classes. Recommend!”

Ana Santos, City Centre, Nottingham

“When learning to drive i think it is important to have a relaxed and friendly environment and rob Provided this during my lessons. As a driving instructor rob is very professional, i learnt a lot and find that he was very patient and understanding. I also found that rob's extra thing outside of lessons helped a lot too, such as his you tube videos and constant research recommendations. Overall i think rob is an amazing driving instructor and I Recommend him to anyone learning to drive. :)”

Bethany Ball, Giltbrook, Nottingham

“I would Highly recommend Rob, he is a fantastic teacher so friendly, calm, patient especially as I kept getting my lefts and rights mixed up haha and very experienced. I've enjoyed every lesson I've had with him. he explains things really well in different ways so I understood everything and if I didn't he kept gong over it with me. I found his videos very helpful especially to revise the show me tell me questions. his lesson plans were very well structured making sure we covered everything. he has also made me feel very confident in going out on my own into the big wide world. So if your wanting to learn how to drive defiantly give Rob a call.”

Rachel Dawkins, Newthorpe, Nottingham

“Rob is definitely a driving instructor that i would recommend highly to people of all driving capabilities due to his friendly personality, flexibility in terms of lesson plans, as well as his experience and knowledge. The feedback after each lesson was extremely helpful, as we would go through my progress, weaknesses, and what needed to be worked on during the next lesson. During some lessons, he would also provide tips and teach extra skills that were not required to pass the test, but were vital for day to day driving once I had obtained my license. As a result of going with Apple Driving School, my confidence in the car has improved greatly and I couldnt have been more satisfied with my driving experience. Once again, I fully recommend Rob to anyone who wishing to begin or carry on with their driving lessons. He has excellent people skills and always makes each lesson interesting and different. Thank you once Again Rob for helping me pass!”

Matthew Cordon, Kimberley, Nottingham

“Rob is an excellent teacher! He takes his time to explain things clearly, has good "routines" for remembering the various parts of driving. He is extremely friendly and is very patient. His lesson plans are very helpful as well for identifying areas for improvement and they also allow you to see your progress. He is very willing to further discuss details about driving and in-depth detail about cars. I would highly recommend Rob as a driving instructor!”

Terence Cheung, Lenton, Nottingham

“Before I started my driving lessons, I was very nervous and worried, but once I had met Rob I soon realised I was in safe hands and was reasured that everything would be ok. Throughout my lessons I felt very comfortable and was always happy with my lesson plan. I always knew what I was going to be doing on my next lesson and was always given constructive feedback during and after every lesson.After only having a few lessons I knew Apple Driving School was perfect for me and I am so happy I took the time to read through the reviews and found an exceptionally great driving instructor.I had been learning to drive for around nine months and was put in for my driving test and passed first time:)I am so happy and thank Rob very much for his time, deadication and continued support throughout my driving journey.”

Lisa Wright, New Basford, Nottingham

“Rob at Apple Driving School is an absolutely amazing instructor, he is very professional in every way. Rob is always on time, his car is always immaculate and you always get your full time driving. His learning technique is second to none, he gives you plenty of time to learn, he is very polite and he coaches you when driving which I think is the best way to learn as this makes it quick and easy to identify and put right any errors you make. I passed with zero faults which to me is a credit to how good Rob is as a driving instructor. Thanks Rob your the best, Paul Foreman”

Paul Foreman, Kimberley, Nottingham

“I found Rob after googling 'best driving instructor' and after our first lesson I was absolutely delighted because he really is the best. He is extremely good at his job. i found his assessment of my qualities and weaknesses as a driver was spot on and his excellent feedback and continual encoragement helped refine my driving skills. I have passed my test thanks to Rob and every lesson i took with him improved me as a driver so is money very well spent. Rob is an amazing guy, honest, polite and patient and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to be a component and confident driver.”

Hanif Mohammed, Lenton, Nottingham

“Rob is the friendliest and the most experienced driving instructor I ever met. I took assessment lessons from almost all driving schools but when I had the assessment lesson with Rob, I realized that this is the driving instructor I was looking for. It was because of the feedback he gave me at the end of the lesson which was both impressive and true.  Every one knows their negative sides but when you hear about it from someone else it makes a bigger impact. Whenever I had lessons with him, he was always ready with an Action-plan. He has universal techniques to approach big junctions, roundabouts and all the manoeuvres. He didn't only teach me to pass my driving test but taught me how I can become a good driver and advised me how I should select my first car.  I would recommend to everyone with full confidence.”

Abubakar Shaikh, Lenton, Nottingham

“Being 25 and having zero driving experience I was very nervous about having driving lessons and one of the worst parts was picking an instructor. About ten minutes into my first lesson with Rob I knew I had made the right choice! Rob is calm, patient and explained everything to me without ever making me feel silly (despite my many silly mistakes!). He has tonnes of experience too, so Rob always knew how to deal with any particular difficulties I was having and ultimately Rob's methods teach you not just how to pass your test but how to be a good driver for the rest of your life. Most importantly for me though, Rob is one of the friendliest people I have ever met and despite all the beginners nerves I ended up loving learning to drive. If there were any moments when I had lost confidence Rob would make me laugh and send me on my way again. I have already recommended Rob to a few of my friends and would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a driving instructor. Thank you so much Rob for making learning to drive fun!”

Alice Mortlock, City Centre, Nottingham

“I found Apple Driving through an internet search and I'm glad I picked Apple Driving School! Rob is an amazing driving teacher that kept you relaxed and helpful with every aspect of driving and always made a good learning atmosphere to get the best results from your lessons. I now have my driving license all thanks to Rob in a relatively quick time even with having to have plenty of gaps due to a busy work schedule. Very friendly, highly recommended, highly professional, highly enjoyable. Anyone wanting to learn to drive should defiantly give Apple Driving School a call.”

Ben Slinn, Mapperley, Nottingham

“Rob is an absolutely brilliant instructor - he's really friendly and easy to get on with and he's a great teacher. I started from scratch and he soon helped me be a safe and confident driver. He gives great advice and helps you to improve. His website is great too and has useful videos and information on it which help you to prepare for your test. He is always really supportive and is happy to answer questions and to help you learn how to be a better driver. Thanks to Rob I passed my test first time and I know that I am a much better driver thanks to his teaching. He won't just teach you to pass your test - he will help you to feel confident in all situations and you will always know what to do. Can't recommend him highly enough!”

Tom Carter, Lenton, Nottingham

“ROB IS A VERY PATIENT AND FRIENDLY INSTRUCTOR! I recommend him to all my friends. Me and my sisters all passed first time on our theory and practical tests. Rob helped me to relax with his friendly manner and chit chat. always a smile on his face. Thanks rob :)”

Ami-Jane Ball, Kimberley, Nottingham

“I was incredibly nervous when I started driving, but Rob soon put me at ease and had me feeling confident even on the first lesson. He has a lot of resources to help you with any tricky manoeuvres, and is such a lovely guy that you feel comfortable asking questions at every stage. Rob uses an impressive curriculum which ensures you'll get to try out a huge range of driving scenarios, getting you ready and prepared for more than just passing the test, but also for the driving you'll be doing afterwards. The lessons plans always meant that we went over any areas of concern until I felt happier about them, and Rob made sure I got a say in what I felt needed more practise. The lessons were enjoyable and I never felt pressured or upset, if I made a mistake then Rob would calmly explain what I'd done and help me learn to correct it for next time. I would definitely recommend Apple Driving School to everyone! I went from being scared of driving to passing my test first time with 4 minors.”

Lisa Scott, Beeston, Nottingham

“Rob is a great driving instructor, he fills you with so much confidence you know there's no way you'll fail your driving test. He goes above and beyond, he teaches you as an individual using the style that suits you best. I would highly recommend Rob to any learner drivers especially those that are nervous and have had previous bad experiences.”

Samantha Raw, Lenton, Nottingham

“Rob is a fantastic instructor/coach. He is very thorough with all manoeuvres using photos/model car scenarios and actual demonstrations. I would highly recommend Rob to anyone who is looking to pass there driving test with more than just basic road knowledge. Value for money is definitely within this company. Thank you Rob and good luck to anyone about to start there test :)”

Sam Groves, Kimberley, Nottingham

“Rob is an excellent instructor, I can't recommend him enough. He goes beyond what's necessary and is always patient, clear and thorough.”

Danny King, The Park, Nottingham

“I had decided to revisit driving lessons after 15 years, and was recommended Apple Driving School by an ex-driving instructor.  When I began lessons, I was 6 months pregnant, and thought how amazing it would be if I could pass my test before my due date... Well, my baby is due in 3 weeks time, and yesterday I passed my driving test first time; not only that, I passed with 0 faults! My faultless test and confidence in driving has all been down to my instructor Rob and the structured lessons he gave. Rob has always been encouraging, friendly, patient and professional. I also found his online driving school - driving-lessons.tv particularly helpful when it came to learning manoeuvers, which hadn’t been my strong point! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Rob once again for your help and commitment to me over these last few months… and of course, I highly recommend Rob and Apple Driving School to anyone who not only wants to pass their driving test, but wants to pass it with confidence and enjoy safe driving for life!”

Liz Gretton, Hucknall, Nottingham

“After 5 years riding a motorbike I decided that it was time to learn to drive. Rob taught my wife to drive in 2007/08 and based on her recommendation I decided to go with apple driving school. From my first lesson to when I passed my test I found Rob to be an excellent instructor, very professional calm and confidence inspiring.  Any problems or issues I had Rob quickly found a way to overcome. I cant recommend Rob enough, 10/10”

Martyn Barrett, Arnold, Nottingham

“I have had an amazing experience learning how to drive from Rob.  I passed my theory and practical the first time just from having lessons with Rob. He was a great instructor because he kept you calm and answered all your questions and encouraged questions. He was patient and knew exactly how many lessons I would need to get all my driving done. I am really happy I chose to learn through apple driving school – I would highly recommend Rob and apple school! I loved EVERY driving lesson, I really miss having them!”

Pasca Troth, Lenton, Nottingham

“Without any hesitation, I can recommend Rob and Apple Driving School to anyone looking for driving lessons in the Nottingham area, no matter what their level or experience. Waiting to get into the driving seat of a car for the very first time was one of the most nerve-racking experiences of my life, but from the second I sat down until I passed my test 12 weeks later, Rob constantly put me at ease, was supportive, friendly, funny and encouraging, particularly at times where I had lost confidence. The thing I most enjoyed about Rob's method of teaching is that he explained why I was performing certain manoeuvres or carrying out various checks. Rob doesn't just teach to get you through the test, he teaches to make sure you're the best driver you possibly can be after you pass. Driving is something you will hopefully enjoy for the rest of your life, so it stands to reason that you'd want to get the best instructor you possibly could. There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that Rob is that instructor.”

Mark Rickaby, Kimberley, Nottingham

“I found Rob to be a great instructor from the first lesson! He has a very good teaching method that made me understand exactly what I was doing wrong which helped me drive safely in unexpected situations. He is also very patient and friendly and helped me gain confidence in the car. I definitely recommend Apple Driving School!”

Diego Kieffer, Lenton, Nottingham

“I found Apple Driving School through Google, and so I was a bit nervous about my choice initially. I needn't have worried however, because Rob is a great driving instructor, and learning to drive with him has been a great experience! Rob is always patient and calm, in every situation. When I was driving with him, I had confidence that even if I perhaps did something wrong, he would be there to correct it and he would never make a fuss about it, just quietly and calmly tell you what went wrong. I always looked forward to my driving lessons, and Rob was really good about scheduling them. Apple Driving really was a great experience, and after 7 months of driving with Rob I passed my test confidently first time, with 5 minors. I have recommended Rob to any of my friends that have wanted to start driving. Thanks Rob!”

Lindsey Gordon, Lenton, Nottingham

“When I joined Apple Driving School, I was immediately impressed with Rob's knowledge, patience and outstanding enthusiasm for teaching driving. He gave me a sound understanding of how the car works and helped me to develop my own technique for driving. He was very easy to talk to and listened to all my queries and explained things in a very comprehensive manner. He was always willing to make time for our lessons and worked around my own schedule. His well structured lessons, and use of many sources for teaching made the lessons enjoyable as well as very informative. Rob's brilliant teaching helped me pass my driving test the first time around with the addition of now being a more confident driver and having an undeniable passion for driving! I would definitely recommend anyone to Apple Driving School.”

Bupe Chisanga, Lenton, Nottingham

“Rob has a natural talent to teach. He is patient, he has a great approach to teaching, he knows exactly how and when to teach! I have enjoyed our lessons very much and always looked forwards to driving. I work shifts and could not have set times for our lessons - Rob has been very flexible and helpful in this matter, too. 

I never thought I could learn to drive but I have thanks to Rob, I passed my driving test with only 4 minor mistakes! I can wholeheartedly recommend him as a driving instructor, in fact - I have recommended him to two of my friends :) Thanks, Rob! Looking forwards to the Pass Plus lessons!”

Dr. Ieva Saule, City Centre, Nottingham

“An absolutely fantastic teacher. I have genuinely nothing bad to say about my experiences with Apple Driving School. Rob was relaxed, calm and helpful every step of the way. The lessons seemed perfectly tailored, and at no point throughout the course did I feel that we were working to a model which hadn't taken the student individually into consideration. The level of difficulty rose gradually and without causing any distress. I would and have recommended Apple Driving School without a second's hesitation. I regard my pass as purely Rob's fault.”

Alistair Catterall, City Centre, Nottingham

“I have just passed my test after learning with Apple Driving School for the last year and I am very happy to recommend Rob as a driving instructor. He explained things in a calm, clear and patient manner and used lots of different methods of teaching, including diagrams, photos and demonstrations which really helped me. Rather than dreading driving lessons like some other people I know – I actually enjoyed the process of learning to drive – mainly down to Rob’s friendly, patient and supportive manner. I believe Apple Driving School does not just help you pass your test – but aims to make you a good driver – teaching you more than just the basics. I would recommend this driving school to anyone wishing to learn to drive – especially those that were nervous about it like I was!”

Becci Hubbard, Sneinton, Nottingham

“Since starting to learn to drive with Rob I've completely changed my outlook on driving. I've had many different instructors, none of which have ever made me actually want to drive due to their lack of knowledge, patience or general teaching skills. Learning with Rob has made me feel confident, happy and most of all, convinced that driving is for me. Rob's friendly approach and hands-on knowledge, coupled with his patient manner would make me recommend him to anyone. If you're nervous like I was, or had terrible instruction in the past, or feel you aren't cut out for driving, contact Apple Driving now. You will change your mind after one lesson, I guarantee it.”

Ian Jonsson, Top Valley, Nottingham

“I would like to say how amazing you are as a driving instructor and how your teaching helped me build my confidence and awareness on the roads. I have and will recommend you to all that are wanting to learn to drive as you are the best driving instructor that I have had. Would rate you 10/10!!”

Jodie Elliot, Bulwell, Nottingham

“I found Rob on the Internet when I needed a driving instructor, I read the reviews and they were good so I gave him a call and never looked back, he took me to another level. He is a first class instructor and a nice guy too, I was nervous but Rob made me feel so welcome  and made driving easy and enjoyable. I passed 1st time and I honestly think it was because Rob is a top driving instructor, 5 stars. Thanks again Rob.”

Ian Passam, Aspley, Nottingham

“After having one 5 hour driving lesson when I was 17 I went to University and always put off learning to drive because the driving instructor that I had used didn't explain things clearly and was quite impatient. Shameful to say but 5 years went by and I still hadn't got back into it, that all changed when I was bought some driving lessons for Christmas for Apple Driving School. Rob was completely different to my original driving instructor and I am glad that I learnt to drive with him. Explanations were always precise and easy to follow and I always felt at ease whilst driving. He was extremely patient and used a wide range of resources and methods to teach me the skills to drive.”

Peter Haigh, The Park, Nottingham

“Apple Driving School was recommended to me by a friend who was very satisfied with Rob as a driving instructor. I had a few different driving instructors previously, but none of them managed to give me that confidence which I felt after my first lesson with Rob. He is definitely the best instructor I've ever met. He always created a friendly and easy atmosphere, encouraged me and gave a constructive feedback after each lesson. I especially valued his calm and constructive reaction in situations when I made mistakes. Rob is a very creative driving instructor who uses all available resources and continuously improves his teaching methods.“

Dr Katya Eremina, Beeston, Nottingham

“I started driving lessons with Apple driving after previously having two instructors that I seemed to be making no progress with. I was impressed from the beginning as i rang Apple Driving and had a detailed discussion about the course, prices and when we could start lessons. Rob is a great instructor, very patient and understanding when the student is anxious. He makes good use of constructive criticism, and also gives really positive feedback, which is the confidence boost needed when learning to drive on busy roads or new routes!! Doing the two hour lessons, i felt was a real benefit to me and after each lesson, Rob was excellent at giving a debrief for the whole lesson, and planning aims for the next one! Also, which was a great help, was that he directed me to various videos and websites that contain the necessary information for the driving theory and practical test! Overall, i'm really glad i went with Apple driving, i cannot recommend it enough! If you are, like me, anxious about being behind the wheel, Apple driving is definitely for you. Rob is a great instructor; flexible, fun and loves teaching people how to drive!!!”

Louise Stykes, Toton, Nottingham

Apple Driving School - Nottingham

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