Semi-Intensive courses are available to help you work through your driving course and test quicker.

These popular courses are flexible and work around your availability. Many pupils are eager to get their driving licence without waiting months / years so an intensive course is great if you are that type of person.

For a semi-intensive course I recommend at least 2 lessons a week to work rapidly towards a driving test, avoiding long breaks between lessons. The average pupil in the UK requires 45 hours to complete a full driving syllabus and achieve test standard - the primary focus is always to create a safe and confident driver.

Always remember that once you qualify as a driver you still lack experience, which is why I highly recommend the Pass Plus course to all newly qualified drivers.

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UPDATE : Due to being fully booked and running a waiting list system I am currently not providing semi-intensive driving courses, although do feel free to ask me about this for more detail.

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