Donnington race track.

Every year since 2014 many hundreds of driving instructors and their pupils across the UK were involved in The Big Learner Relay for Children in Need. Now its back and bigger than ever with the 2017 event underway. I'm very excited to be the lead car for the Wollaton Hall to Newstead Abbey leg as the relay passes through Nottingham. I'll be leading the relay in my new electric Nissan Leaf. Look out for spotty cars all across the country throughout October and November!

The Big Learner Relay Pudsey Top Box will be relayed from one driving school car to the next over the 15 day event, covering thousands of miles worth of driving lessons. From September driving instructor cars began going spotty and fundraising for Children in Need. Thanks to your generosity we hope to add to the £250,000+ we have already raised.

To sponsor a spot on my car (£5 each) this year simply text SPOT64 5 to 70070 and let me know the message or picture you would like on your spot (or even better you can write it yourself). You can sign it, draw on it, write a message on it - it's your spot! I'll send you a picture of your spot to treasure forever and it'll be promoted across our charity media.

This incredible event is co-ordinated each year by the amazing Louise Walsh (who is also relayed with the top box across the country).

I was very proud to be in the Nottingham team in previous years - hopefully 2017 can be even bigger and better!

Text SPOT64 5 to 70070 to donate £5 to sponsor a spot on my car or visit

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The Big Learner Relay for Children in Need
Raising money for the appeal.
The relay roof box.
Wollaton Castle
Pupils sponsoring spots
My son sponsoring a spot
Our driving instructors Nottingham relay group photo from 2014!
Apple Driving School - Nottingham

Automatic & Electric Driving Lessons - The Big Learner Relay