After 100+ years of the combustion engine it’s wonderful to see cars receive a modern upgrade. I teach in a Nissan Leaf electric car. Electric vehicles (EV’s) are smooth, quick and a joy to drive. The environmental benefits and the potential to clean the air we breath is an excitingly achievable prospect. My car is home powered by 100% clean renewable energy provider Ecotricity using Pod Point chargers and during the day I often use Polar chargers.

Demand for automatic is increasing dramatically, over 40% of all new cars are automatic and represent over 50% of all leased cars. New technology (hybrids, EV’s, hydrogen) is making the clutch and gearbox redundant.

After 20 years driving manual cars I wish I had switched to automatic much sooner. For many drivers an automatic is beneficial and more desirable as it reduces 'cognitive overload' allowing the driver to focus on the true skills of driving (anticipation, planning, judgement, interaction with other road users etc). Certain difficulties such as dyspraxia and anxiety tend to be more suited to automatic cars.

"If you struggle with driving don't cope in a manual when you could thrive in an automatic."

I'm actively involved in the promotion of electric vehicles within the driver training industry for their environmental benefits and because they are simply so wonderful to drive. My EV driving school is featured as a case study on Ecotricitys Power to the EV People, Theory Test Pro's Meet the Instructor, British Gas's Reality of Electric Cars, Nottingham City Councils ULEV Experience including a video interview, Pod Points Q&A and an article regarding long journeys. I discussed EV's on episode 129 of The Driving Instructors Podcast, wrote various articles for the Motors Schools Association and the Association of Driving Instructors National Joint Council in August 2017, February 2018 and May 2018. My electric driving school car proudly led The Big Learner Relay through Nottingham in 2017 for BBC Children In Need. I'm currently writing a series of EV articles for Intelligent Instructor so far relating to the rise of automatic cars, learners in electric cars, the effects of electric cars on driving style and a detailed guide to EV charging for driving instructors. My EV featured at Nottinghams electric car FestEVal where I gave a 10 minute presentation. I attended the Ride & Drive to experience varied electric cars and recently wrote an article for Nottingham Council regarding longer journeys in electric cars.

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