My EV driving school is featured as a case study on Nottingham's 'Go Ultra Low' initiative :

Nissan Leaf interior
Nissan Leaf
Rob Cooling and the electric car.
Rob Cooling charging the Leaf

My keen interest in electric cars and 'green' technology has led me to teach driving lessons in an electric Nissan Leaf, I might be slightly biased but it is the best car I have ever driven. The car is 100% electric and is powered by 100% renewable energy via the energy company Ecotricity.

If you are interested in automatic (electric) driving lessons in Nottingham get in contact, leave me a message and I'll always respond as soon as I can.

Most of my client base in Nottingham is pupils with special needs, learning difficuties, mature drivers, anxiety etc... Due to this and the changing nature of cars I now teach automatic only, excitingly using an electric car. The growth rate of automatic cars is increasing dramatically and demand keeps rising, all the new technologies (EV's, hybrids) are automatic. For many pupils an automatic is beneficial, it reduces 'cognitive overload' allowing the driver to focus on the real skills of driving (anticipation, planning, judgement etc...). Certain difficulties such as dyspraxia tend to be much more suited to automatic cars.

Charging point.
Electric car.
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